Glass Countertop Door

Garage Door Details

Brand: Model EL100 Full View Aluminum Garage Door

Door Material: Aluminum and Glass Garage Door

Garage Door Design: Modern Garage Door

Installation City: Gilbert, AZ

Installation Details

Our team installed this beautiful mini full view glass countertop door by Elegant Garage Doors. This is a modern door that showcases clean edges and sharp lines in tiny form! These doors are widely customizable and are a great addition to any home or business. Countertop doors are perfect as bar counter doors or a kitchen garage door window. The pairing of glass and aluminum also creates a durable, gorgeous countertop door that is sure to impress. 

Elegant full view aluminum garage doors are available with different types of full-view panels. Although the standard sizes include 8’-10’ wide, 10’1” wide, or 13”1”-18’ wide, they can also be custom-built like this bar counter door. 

Beyond just size, you also select the paneling and colors. Full-view colors are available in powdered coat white, black anodized, dark bronze anodized, and clear anodized. If you don’t like those options, there’s a selection of over 100 powder coats you can choose from. The aluminum will also be finished with a chemical process that leaves it extremely durable. Glass is available in clear tempered, frosted tempered, and white laminate. You can choose from different thickness levels to determine the durability of the glass. All garage door hardware components are galvanized steel. 

Are you ready for an upgrade to your home or business with a glass countertop door? Grease Monkey Garage Doors is ready to help you. We specialize in unique projects like this, offering you our expertise and precision to ensure the door turns out perfectly. Contact us today or visit our Garage Door Installation page to learn more!

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