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Garage door spring repair is a vital part of maintaining the health and reliability of your entire garage door system. That is why Grease Monkey Garage Door offers the best garage door spring replacement services to the Arizona areas of Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, and more.

Broken Garage Door Spring


  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Garage door cable repairs and replacements
  • Garage door opener repairs and installations
  • Restoring out of track garage doors
  • Repairing damaged garage door panels
  • Pulleys, rollers, and track repair services
  • Repair of bolts and connections
  • Garage door balancing
  • Regular garage door maintenance

Have A Broken Garage Door Spring? We’ve Got Your Covered!

Garage Door Spring Replacement


When your garage door won’t open suddenly, you most likely have a broken garage door spring. Other signs you may need garage door spring repair include:

  • Your garage door won’t open.
  • Your garage door opens halfway and automatically reverses.
  • You have fallen or loose garage door cables on the sides of your garage door. 
  • Your garage door is too heavy to lift manually.
  • Your garage door slams down suddenly. 
  • Your garage door goes up at an angle. 
  • There is a 3 – 4 inch gap between the coils of your garage door spring.
  • You have an elongated garage door spring. 

Any of the above issues are signs that you need garage door spring replacement. To fix this problem in no time, we keep our trucks stocked with the best high cycle replacement garage door springs. This means we can perform your garage door spring replacement within one service appointment, getting your garage door open when you need us most. So whenever your garage door spring is giving you a headache, come to the certified garage door technicians at Grease Monkey Garage Door!


There are three major types of garage door springs: torsion, extension, and Wayne Dalton torque master. The type of garage door spring installed on your garage door will determine its reliability and lifespan. 

Torsion Springs – Garage door torsion springs are a modern, reliable choice to upgrade the operation of your garage door. Installed horizontally above your garage door, they connect to a metal tube, twisting to lift and lower it. When you have a broken torsion spring, you’ll see a 2-4” gap between the coils and you may hear a loud popping noise when the garage door spring breaks. Also, your garage door won’t open at all, even if you attempt to lift it manually. 

Extension Springs – Unlike torsion springs installed above the garage door, extension springs operate on either side of your garage door by extending vertically as your garage door moves. Although they are an older spring system, extension springs remain a great option to operate a standard steel garage door. When you have a broken extension spring, you’ll see unusual elongation between the spring’s coils. Also, your garage door will come up at an angle or your garage door won’t open at all. 

Wayne Dalton Torque Master – Wayne Dalton torque master springs are a specialty garage door spring. Instead of being visibly installed alongside the garage door, Wayne Dalton torque master springs are inside a torsion tube. This means it can be difficult to tell when you have a broken torque master spring. But when you have this broken garage door spring, your garage door cables will be loose or broken. 


Garage door parts are based on operation cycles of opening and closing your garage door. Most garage door parts are rated for 10-15,000 cycles of operation. For garage door springs, this lifespan translates to 7-10 years of use. But how many years you’ll get out of your garage door spring will depend on how often you use your garage door and your regular maintenance routine.


Without strong, reliable garage door springs, your garage door becomes unsafe for you and your family. Because the garage door spring holds a lot of tension to keep the garage door in place, a broken garage door spring is a hazard. More than just safety issues, your garage door cannot operate without a functioning garage door spring, meaning your car is stuck in the garage. For these reasons, you need to get garage door spring repair quickly. Give us a call to schedule your garage door spring repair today! One of our expert garage door technicians can perform your garage door spring replacement within one garage door repair service appointment. 

Read What Our Clients are Saying!

  • Thank you for the quality service!

    Is there a 10 star on this review thing? Aaron did an excellent job! My garage door spring broke. I called them at 6:30 at night. At 8pm it was fixed for less than half the cost of the garage door repair that was completed a few years earlier. Thank you for the quality service!

  • I'm so glad I went with Grease Monkey, you will be too.

    My opener went out so I called Bryan @ Grease Monkey based on reviews and being a local business. He answered all my questions professionally and gave me a quote to replace the opener and the garage door springs. He showed up when he said he would (same day) and finished the job quickly. He didn’t try to upsell me on anything but Bryan did show me a couple of issues with the door that could easily and affordably be addressed at a future time. I’m so glad I went with Grease Monkey, you will be too.

  • Sounds like an entirely new door now, I was amazed.

    Great service showed up in 30 minutes after I called. In and out very friendly and professional. Replaced broken garage door spring and worn rollers. Sounds like an entirely new door now was amazed. Can’t believe how smooth and quiet it is now. Door is about 15 years old definitely recommend them.

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