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Glass Garage Door Installation

Are you looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal with an all glass garage door? Here at Grease Monkey Garage Door, we can give you a glass garage door that best suits your home’s needs. Glass doors are made of aluminum and glass that gives your home a nice modern look. Garage doors with windows are also a great choice for anyone looking to bring in more natural light to their garage. With glass garage doors, you also have full customization opportunities to choose the glass color and thickness as well as the frame finish and construction. 

With proper maintenance, your glass garage door can last you for many years to come. When you are ready to give your home a fresh new look, you can depend on the team at Grease Monkey Garage Doors to get it done. Our expert repairmen have years of experience installing and repairing glass garage doors, and we can guarantee that our results will be us to your satisfaction. Schedule a free glass garage door consultation with us today!

Reasons To Get Glass Garage Doors 

Natural Light – A benefit to having a glass garage door is that you can let in a lot of natural light. Clear garage doors create a natural viewing space in your home that you can enjoy during any season. 

Low Maintenance – With a glass garage door, the aluminum panels make it almost impossible for your garage door to rust. Glass garage doors are much easier to keep clean than regular garage doors because you can simply clean the exterior with window cleaner. 

Curb Appeal – There is no doubt that a full sized glass garage door will increase your curb appeal. The beautiful finish will give your home a nice modern look that will stand out in any neighborhood. This also gives you the added benefit of enhanced home value with the new garage door installation.

Our Glass Garage Doors 

We work with three of the top glass garage door manufacturers: Clopay, AlumaDoor, and Elegant. We have a great relationship with each of these glass door manufacturers, so we are sure we can get a glass garage door that best fits your needs. We trust that Clopay, AlumaDoor, and Elegant will produce a glass garage door that is durable and dependable. 

Clopay Avante Glass Garage Door 

One of our favorite glass garage doors is the Clopay Avante. These gorgeous glass doors are widely regarded as one of the best options for glass panel garage doors. Built from glass and aluminum, they are fully customizable in 13 glass finishes, hundreds of frame colors, and optional insulation. The Clopay Avante will upgrade the functionality and beauty of any home. 

AlumaDoor Full View Doors 

Specializing in full view glass and aluminum constructed garage doors, AlumaDoor offers an incredible collection of doors to upgrade your home. They offer multiple frame finishes, glass options, and door sizes to help you create the perfect new glass garage door. They offer faux wood frame options to create a natural look for your glass door. AlumaDoor Full View Overhead Doors are a strong and stunning choice for your glass garage door installation. 

Elegant Garage Doors Full View & Frameless

Elegant Garage Doors is a great American made garage door manufacturer of glass garage doors. Their lines of Full View Glass Doors and Frameless Doors are widely customizable in glass paneling, aluminum frame finish, and interior tracks. We love installing these beautiful glass garage doors to upgrade the look and reliability of our clients’ homes. 

Glass Garage Door Options 

  • Insulated glass
  • Mirrored Glass 
  • Low-E Glass 
  • DS Glass 
  • Self Cleaning Glass 
  •  Multi-Wall polycarbonate 
  • Self Tinted Glass 
  • Laminated Glass 
  • Low Iron Glass 
  • Clear Glass 
  • Dry Erase Glass
  • Tempered Glass 
  • Acrylic Glass
  • Frosted Glass 
  • Impact Rated Glass 
  • Tinted Glass 

If you see a type of glass on this list that you believe would complement your home, then schedule a glass garage door appointment with Grease Monkey Garage Doors today! Our team of highly skilled technicians will guide you to finding the right kind of glass garage door for you! With so many glass finishes available, we can help you design a new modern glass garage door that maintains your home’s privacy and energy efficiency.

Learn About Glass Garage Doors Near You

We are fully equipped to give your home the glass garage door of your dreams. We will give you the opportunity to find exactly what you want in your glass garage door, and execute it well. When you are ready to upgrade your garage door with a glass garage door, we can guarantee that Grease Monkey Garage Doors will be the right garage door company for you! Contact us today for more information on our glass garage doors!

Read What Our Clients are Saying!

  • John L.He worked efficiently and completed the garage door installation to satisfaction.

    He worked efficiently and completed the garage door installation to satisfaction.

    I was preparing to put my house on the market but my garage door was in poor condition and needed to be replaced. Bryan from Grease Monkey Garage Door came out the same day I called to discuss my options. He was prompt, knowledgable and professional. He helped me select the right door for my home and gave me a reasonable price. When it came time to install it, he arrived at the time we agreed upon. He worked efficiently and completed the garage door installation to satisfaction. I trust Grease Monkey to provide all of my future garage door needs.

  • Thomas B.The insulated garage door came out great!

    The insulated garage door came out great!

    Bryan came out the next day with a quote, less than half the price of another guy. He knew I was about a month away from getting it done and he followed up on schedule. The Insulated garage door came out great and I am ready for the summer!

  • Jennifer T.The new garage door looks and sounds so much better and functions perfectly.

    The new garage door looks and sounds so much better and functions perfectly.

    I had been putting off replacing my garage door for awhile but I’m so glad I finally did! The new garage door looks and sounds so much better and functions perfectly. Brian was super responsive, helpful with explaining what needed to be done and the options available, and was just overall really easy to work with. The installation was completed quickly and meticulously – Brian even took the time to perfect small details, including patching damage done by previous installers. TLDR; 12/10 would recommend this company.

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