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Grease Monkey Garage Door is proud to partner with Wayne Dalton Garage Doors to install high quality residential and commercial doors, conduct garage door panel replacements, and handle torsion spring conversions. Our technicians are well-trained to carry out new overhead door installations and pride ourselves on friendly, professional service. Wayne Dalton Garage Doors feature durable materials with a wide range of customization options. Our team is happy to help you find the perfect overhead door for your home or business. 

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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Replacement Panels

In times of weather damage or car accidents, panel replacement may be necessary. We can provide Wayne Dalton garage door replacement panels. This can be extremely beneficial, as you may have panels that warp or experience wear and tear over time. Instead of replacing your entire garage door, you can contact us! We’ll take care of Wayne Dalton garage door replacement panels and ensure your overhead door is working properly.

Wayne Dalton garage door replacement panels

Torsion Spring Conversions 

A Wayne Dalton torquemaster spring operates from inside a hollow tube, which cannot be viewed from the outside. This makes it difficult to tell when the spring has broken, leading many homeowners to continue trying to operate their overhead door. At Grease Monkey Garage Door, we provide garage door spring conversions. If you have a Wayne Dalton torquemaster spring, you may want to consider a torsion spring conversion. Because Wayne Dalton no longer produces iDrive operators, many homeowners are left with spring systems and openers from different brands. This can make both maintenance and repairs difficult. 

Wayne Dalton torquemaster springs also feature plastic drums and have thinner cables, which makes them more susceptible to breakage. This is why we recommend torsion spring conversions. Torsion springs are known for their durability and safety, which makes them a great choice, especially for homeowners. We’ll usually recommend a torsion spring conversion if your overhead door system is still operating with Wayne Dalton torquemaster springs.

garage door spring conversion
Wayne Dalton torquemaster spring
torsion spring conversion

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At Grease Monkey Garage Door, we’re proud to provide residential and commercial door installation with Wayne Dalton products. Through years of experience, we recognize the advantages of various styles of doors and can help you find the perfect product. We’re also equipped to handle Wayne Dalton garage door panel replacements and torsion spring conversions. Contact a team member today to schedule your Wayne Dalton Garage Door service in Gilbert, Chandler, Gold Canyon, and more!

Wayne Dalton Residential Garage Doors

wayne dalton aluminum doors
carriage garage doors

Aluminum: These doors feature a blend of glass and aluminum to create a modern, beautiful look. Full view glass garage doors are elegant and timeless, and can be customized with tinted or frosted glass for additional privacy. Wayne Dalton provides two models of these doors so you can find the perfect glass garage door to upgrade your home. 

Fiberglass: Wayne Dalton’s fiberglass garage doors use a molded wood grain fiberglass surface on top of steel construction.This allows you to get the look of real wood without the high pricetag and heavy maintenance. Their models feature various wood grains, colors, windows, and decorative hardware. 

Steel: Steel garage doors are always a great choice, as they’re durable and affordable. Wayne Dalton offers carriage house steel doors, designer steel doors, classic style, entry level, and polyester finish steel doors. Choose your style and feel free to customize design and hardware features. 

Vinyl: Wayne Dalton’s model 8700 features a vinyl garage door, which provides a classic, traditional look without any necessary maintenance. Vinyl won’t rust, fade, or crack over time, and is resistant to salt and humidity. Choose from Colonial or Sonoma panels with this model. 

Wood: Wood garage doors can be either modern or traditional, and always come out looking beautiful and timeless. Wayne Dalton offers carriage house style wood doors, wood panel doors, raised panel wood doors, colonial style doors, flush wood garage doors, and custom wood garage doors.

Wayne Dalton Commercial Door Options

rolling steel doors
wayne dalton commercial doors

High Speed Doors: Wayne Dalton’s high speed door collection features two high speed metal doors, six high speed fabric doors, and one high cycle rubber door. These doors are built with speed in mind, and have a springless design that allows for minimal maintenance. 

Rolling Doors: Rolling steel is always a wonderful choice for commercial doors. Wayne Dalton rolling doors are used as service doors, fire doors, grillers, counter shutters, security shutters, and roll up sheet doors. 

Sectional Doors: Wayne Dalton offers an excellent line of sectional doors. They feature insulated steel, non-insulated steel, and aluminum doors.

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