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Loading Dock Repair & Installation


Loading docks make everyday operations at a business easier and safer. We understand how important a well-installed loading dock is, which is why we offer loading dock repair and loading dock installation near Gilbert AZ. Our team can equip your business with everything needed to speed up your loading and unloading process. Grease Monkey Garage Doors provides the best loading dock equipment in Gilbert AZ. When you require quality loading dock equipment, call us to be there for you!

We Install Loading Dock Equipment!

  • Vehicle Restraint System 
  • Dock Plates 
  • Dock Lights 
  • Dock Levelers 
  • Air Curtains 
  • Dock Hooks 
  • Safety Equipment 
  • Dock Boards
  • Dock Bumpers

Loading Dock Safety Equipment 

Loading docks are often fast-paced areas, with high traffic. The best way to protect yourself and your employees is with upgraded loading dock safety equipment. Equipping your loading dock area with dock safety lights, barriers, and truck restraints will increase the safety of everyone in your business. Contact us to upgrade your loading dock safety equipment today! 

Loading Dock Installation 

Our commercial technicians are highly trained to handle loading dock installation near Gilbert AZ. We offer a wide range of options to ensure your loading dock installation fits your business’ needs. When we perform loading dock installation, we completely customize your loading dock equipment so it fits perfectly with your property. Having a loading dock installation will not only increase your productivity but will also give your business an extra layer of security. When you are ready for a loading dock installation near Gilbert AZ, call the skilled team at Grease Monkey Garage Doors to get the job done right!

Loading Dock Repair 

Over time, you may notice some of your loading dock equipment is aging or not functioning properly. When this happens you will need to schedule loading dock repair with your local garage door company. Grease Monkey Garage Doors has worked on many different loading docks, and we are confident that we can perform your loading dock repair without a hitch! We work quickly to repair your loading dock so you can get back to loading and unloading without any problems. Our loading dock repair services include: 

  • Hold-Down Repair and Replacement 
  • Lip Extension Repair 
  • Cylinder Replacement and Repair 
  • Bumper Replacement 
  • Spring Replacement 
  • Lip Extension Preventative Maintenance 
  • Leveler Replacement and Repair 
  • Pump Repair and Replacement 

One of the best ways to preserve your loading dock is with routine loading dock maintenance. During a maintenance check, our technicians will examine your dock, lubricate necessary areas, clean out any debris, and much more. When it is time for loading dock maintenance, make us your first choice! 

Contact Us for Loading Docks Gilbert AZ! 

Whether you need loading dock repair or loading dock installation, Grease Monkey Garage Doors is the best choice for you. Put your business in the right hands by scheduling loading dock repair or replacement with us today! We serve Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and more with top-quality loading dock equipment service.

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