Dumpster Enclosure

A dumpster enclosure is a great way to enhance the area around your dumpster. This dumpster enclosure is made of two large, damage-resistant panels that open and close manually when needed. The dumpster gates also come with security bars, so you can keep animals and unwanted intruders from using your dumpster without permission. Trash enclosure comes with many options of color and construction, or we can color-match the trash gates so they fit perfectly with your building. We can customize your trash gate to fit your property’s needs! 

To install a dumpster enclosure, we attach sturdy hinges at the top and bottom of safety poles. We then connect the gates to the hinges, allowing the dumpster gate to open wider than the space inside your enclosure area. We make sure we install the dumpster gates 3-4” above the ground to ensure your gate does not scrape the concrete when opening and closing. If you are interested in upgrading your business with durable dumpster enclosure gates, Grease Monkey Garage Doors would be happy to assist you! You can contact us to schedule an appointment with our certified commercial gate installers.

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