Farmhouse Style Gates

Our Residential Gate Installation in Gilbert AZ

We installed these beautiful farmhouse style gates at a home near Gilbert AZ. Our customers wanted a modern gate that would complement their home and still retain a classic style. The result: this beautiful driveway gate and entry gate! We made sure that our customer was completely satisfied with their new gates and that everything was in perfect working order.

If you’re looking for a new gate that is full of style, then look no farther than a farmhouse style gate! These gates can be used for a variety of different purposes. You can use them for driveways, walkways, or to block off a section of your home while still leaving it accessible. These modern gates combine a sense of style with functionality.

About Farmhouse Style Gates

These gates have a few distinguishing features that set them apart from other gates. They tend to be see-through, using a mesh or wire background. This allows for a more open look without compromising the purpose of a gate. This feature goes especially well with a solid fence or wall around it. These gates also have the typical “x” pattern characteristic of the farmhouse style. This “x” is normally made of steel or wood. A more modern look will have this “x” in black to allow the gate to stand out more. Black, metal gates allow this style to appear even more modern and clean-cut. Altogether, this contemporary style combines modern features with farmhouse-inspired elements to produce a truly amazing gate! 

We specialize in installing special modern gates in Gilbert AZ. Grease Monkey Garage Door will ensure that you have the best possible gate for your home. Wherever you need a gate, let Grease Monkey Garage Door install it for you! If you are interested in a residential gate installation near Gilbert AZ, call us at 480-485-6872.

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