Which Glass Garage Doors Are Best? [Detailed Guide]

Top Picks For Glass Garage Doors

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Best Insulated Glass Garage Door: CHI OVERHEAD DOORS MODEL 3297

Full View CHI Insulated Garage Door glass garage doors

Best Quality Of Glass Garage Door: Elegant Garage Doors Model El-100 

full view garage doors

Best Color Options For Glass Garage

Doors: Amarr Model Vista

Amarr Vista

Best  Commercial Full View Glass Options: Clopay  Architectural Series

Clopay 904

There are a few main things that homeowners or business owners will want to take into consideration when deciding which brand and model of full view garage doors they should install in their homes or business. It really depends on what you value the most in a top brand  of garage door. The major factors for most owners will actually not be the total cost to install the best glass garage door brands because most doors depending on if the door was insulated will cost roughly the same. 

However, factors such as quality or lifespan of the sectional glass garage door, color options offered, should you insulate or not, and can this door withstand the usage you will be putting it through at your storefront, bay, or shop.


What type insulation is in a garage door and how is it rated?

Insulated garage doors are becoming more and more popular as buyers become more educated. We frequently recieve requests from new homeowners who plan on using there lovely garage for: a home gym, workshop, living area, man cave, office, or even just to help keep from having to replace the car batteries so frequently. Garage doors will be insulated with one of two types of insulation EPS (expanded polystyrene) or polyurethane insulation which is an expanding insulation sprayed into the doors.

Which is better and why would you insulate a glass garage door?

Polyurethane offers a high R Value anywhere from 12 to 20 depending on the model you are looking into. EPS insulated doors will be anywhere from 6 to 9 and tend to cost less the polyurethane insulated doors. However, aluminum glass garage doors are currently only offered in EPS insulation. 

You can also insulate the glazing in the glass garage door typically we install 1/2″ thick insulated low e glazing in our doors but you can also choose to go with 1/4″ insulated glass which would cut down on cost considerably.  Insulated door frames and glazing is a great option for sectional glass garage doors in living spaces, countertops such as kitchen windows or bars. As you can see in our above pictures for CHI we installed an insulated full view overhead door in the kitchen of a detached garage / casita to replace the sliding glass door that would have traditionally been there.

Best Insulated Glass Garage Doors

Our choice of CHI Overhead Doors model 3729 was tough because Clopay also makes a quality insulated door as well but the deciding factor was CHI will make a fully glass insulated glass garage door where as Clopay will depending on your specific model and glass option will not. This means you would have a solid aluminum panel on the bottom of the door which for most owners is not the most desired look. 

Which factors determine high quality for a glass garage doors?

When we choose to work with a manufacture and become a dealer for their products we take into consideration the quality of material, responsiveness of staff, how they handle conflicts, lead times, and general organization. Our company typically asks for samples, data brochures, and meetings with manufacture reps to fully immerse the company in the product so we can accurately gauge this product how it will fit in our company and offerings. 

What is the best quality glass garage doors on the market?

Our vote goes to Elegant Garage Doors we have had a successful relationship with this company. Our technicians love to install their product because of the engineering of their springs and track systems. Our clients love their products because of the large selections of frames and glazing to compliment every home or storefront. The staff at Elegant is very easy to work and communicates clearly about lead times and production. On the rare occurrence where there has been issue they have resolved it right away. 

Elegant is always providing more and more to their extensive choice of doors for dealers. From the dozens of glass garage doors we have installed we have had 0 call backs on a job. The doors themselves have a thick 2″ aluminum frame and do not sag in the middle like some poorly made doors that we have been called out to service after another company had installed them. Glazing has always been free from obscurities and blemishes and the hardware provided is commercial grade.

Best color options for glass garage doors?

When it comes to full view sectional garage doors it could look like a pretty slim choice of options. Pintrest is flooded with dark framed and white glazed garage doors. You may have the occasional white or clear frame door with clear or tinted glass but if your goal is not to fit in and it’s to stand out your in luck. We have installed quite a few Amarr Vistas for the sole reason of color options. 

When our company worked on our local F 45 training center we were tasked with removal of the existing store front doors and widening of the opening so we  could put in a beautiful high lifted sectional Amarr Vista. We also installed an boysenberry Amarr Vista  for local General Contractor which you can see above at the listed picture. Amarr has a wide selection of powder coat, paint, and anodized options for their door frames. 

What options do you have for glass garage doors?

Like we mentioned previously it may appear that their only have one option to choose from such as frosted. We are here to inform you that their are plenty of choices such as:


glass countertop door In Fountain Hills AZ

White Laminated

full view glass garage door replacement


Patio Glass Garage Door

Black Tinted

Black Tinted Full View

You can also choose to have to have your more conventional aluminum framed door or choose a frameless style which currently Elegant and CHI both offer. You have visibility through the door from the inside you just wont have the extruded aluminum frame you typically see on full view glass garage doors.

frameless glass garage door

What are the best commercial glass garage doors?

Clopay’s Architectural series has been the measuring stick for commercial projects. Companies using Clopay for their shop doors: Calliber Collison, Christian brothers, Firestone, Service King, Take 5, and Valvoline. If this huge names in auto repair and service trust this company for all of their locations it’s safe to say Clopay is the go to product. Clopay offers highly insulated steel full view doors with their patented Intellicore insulation, multiple track configurations, dozens of glazing options to meet building codes and architects designs. 

Numerous accessories for ventilation and heat reduction in auto shops. Clopay doors can be wind-rated to withstand the harshest climates. If you are starting a commercial project for a fire house, auto shop, or even a bar top at restaurant we highly recommend taking a look at Clopay first for your glass garage doors on your commercial building.

Ready to order you very own glass garage door?

We can always be reached here to talk to you about your options on your next awesome garage door project or sectional glass garage doors.


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