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If you’re like many homeowners, you likely do not concern yourself with the quality of your overhead door system until something goes awry. Shaking, stuttering, uneven, or otherwise immobile garage doors can prove to be very inconvenient, and in some situations downright dangerous. It’s important for home and business owners to keep an eye on the health of their garage doors, and our team is here to help, read on to find out our top 6 signs they might just save your time and money!

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Keep reading for a few of our top signs it’s time to call for garage door repairs. If you’re ready to get started now, feel free to schedule your appointment online!

Top 6 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair 

1- Abnormal Noises

One common sign of trouble that generates a lot of calls to our garage door company is loud squeaking or grating noises. Overhead doors are expected to make noise as they operate, but any system emitting considerable noises should be inspected for signs of damage. Screeching, scraping, and other audible noises may indicate trouble, and remember that garage door problems never get better over time. If your door is squeaking, give our local garage door pros a call! Keep reading to find out all of our top 6 signs they will all be needed to spot an issue which could make the difference between a repair and replacement.

2 – Inconsistent Movement

Shaking, stuttering, and otherwise impacted garage doors can cause a lot of stress, and for good reason. If you’ve noticed that your overhead door shakes more than it used to, we recommend reaching out to professionals for assistance. This particular sign may indicate a future failure, which can put your family and property at risk. If you’ve noticed excess shaking, don’t put off garage door repairs — contact us today!

3 – Uneven Appearance

You may have noticed that your garage door looks slightly off-kilter, and now may be the time to call for garage door repairs. Over time, many aging doors begin to sag, but if left unremedied, this sagging can impact the balance of the door itself. As a heavy, mobile object, your garage door can cause a lot of undue wear and tear on components when things aren’t perfectly balanced. Your garage door springs, for example, may wear unevenly if one side is left to complete all of the work.

If you’ve noticed that your door does not look even or it is not closing evenly, a simple test can determine whether or not balancing is required. Turn off your garage door opener, disengage your door with the red release handle, and manually move it to the halfway point. If the door quickly goes up or down instead of hovering in place, it is unbalanced and in need of repairs. Of the top 6 signs this sign may be the hardest to notice but even a small amount of being uneven can add up.

4 – Door Won’t Open Or Close

One sign of our top 6 signs of trouble that often results in immediate garage door repairs occurs when your overhead door fails to open or shut completely. Regardless of the time or season, this can prove to be very inconvenient! Oftentimes, the cause of your problem can be attributed to a garage door part that has broken, including the springs, cables, or garage door opener itself.

Grease Monkey Garage Door is here to offer affordable garage door repairs to homes and businesses across Arizona, and our technicians will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Garage door spring repairs and cable replacements are a common solution, and can restore your system back to working order in no time!

5 Rising Energy Bills

One common problem many residents see across Arizona (especially during the summer) is a continual increase in their energy bill. Older garage doors tend to be poorly insulated, and with time and weather wearing away at the finish, your existing door may do little to keep the outside temperatures at bay.

If your garage door is not properly balanced, gaps along the perimeter can allow untreated air to flow freely into the garage, impacting the comfort of your home. Our team can inspect your door and offer honest advice as how to best proceed, whether that includes minor garage door repairs or a full replacement. Of all of our top 6 signs this sign goes under the radar more often than not. Learn about our garage door installations for both residential and commercial applications before reaching out to us today!

6 – Door Has Come Off The Tracks

Your garage door’s rollers and tracks provide the vital function of holding and guiding your overhead door along its path from open to close. If you’ve noticed that your door has come off the tracks, we recommend calling a reputable company for immediate service. Misaligned doors can run, but keep in mind that any system off of the tracks can become much more dangerous. Additionally, the extra wear and tear can shorten the life expectancy of your components.

Regardless of the cause, we recommend contacting our garage door company in Gilbert for immediate assistance. Our team can arrive at your Arizona home or business and provide effective measures to restore your system back to perfect order. Of all of our top 6 signs this might be the most dangerous one.

Searching for Garage Door Repair?

Grease Monkey Garage Door is here to provide top-notch garage door repairs and installation services to Gilbert, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas. No matter your needs, our Top Rated Local® team is here to provide professional and expedient results. Our specialists do nothing but garage doors, and we’re ready to offer our expertise to your property’s needs. If you’ve noticed any of these signs from our top 6 signs, be sure to contact us online for complete assistance!


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